A new year is here and as the old adage goes-in with the new, out with the old.  This is the perfect time to clean out your closet and part ways with things that are too small, too big, stained or just never worn.  My philosophy is less is more.  I love a capsule wardrobe collection to streamline your closet and your decision-making time.  

I’ve added in some suggestions in today’s post to get your creative fashion thinking going!

A capsule wardrobe just means having some great pieces that all pair back together whether it’s for work, cocktail hour or just relaxing on the weekends.  It helps take the confusion, stress and time-consuming decisions out of your day.  These days we are all in our lounge wear or athleisure – just add a blazer with those joggers and a trendy pair of sneaks and you are still comfy but styled ready for that zoom conference.  

I think with the pandemic our ideas of dressing have also changed for the moment.  Athleisure has taken on a whole new meaning!  Lululemon and Athleta are booming businesses right now.  I have never owned a pair of Lululemon joggers until June and now I have two.  I don’t like to feel as though I’m “dressed down”, but I have found clever ways to be casually comfortable while still being “styled-up”!  

Deep breaths and maybe this will all be over but for now you can still look your best but also be super comfortable as you balance work and home with the Pandemic issues.  I hope some of the ideas I’ve shared here today will get you thinking about how to put your best fashion foot forward – even in a pandemic!

With this very small collection of clothing items, you can make over 20 outfits and if you trade out the shoes, easily 25 outfits!  These are probably things you have in your closet right now.  Make your first capsule wardrobe in 2021 and make one thing easier during this crazy pandemic.

Happy New Year!


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