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The Closet Curation Process


The Closet Purge

We’ll start by conducting a full audit of your closet. I’m not just looking for what’s not in style or trendy—I will be looking for what doesn’t complement your personality or reflect your fashion goals.

Together, we’ll help define what style is right for you based on a brief survey and a curation of styles you like by making a Pinterest page dedicated to your ideas. I’ll use this information to hone in on the right styles for you as we move to the next steps in the process.

As hard as it may seem, you’ll need to say goodbye to items that no longer work. Together, we’ll take the plunge and start the purge!

At the end of the day, my goal is to help you have the best curated closet that reflects your style as well as the latest trends. The right closet, I believe, will lend itself to easy decision making on what you wear—from the everyday to the office to important events.



At this stage, we’ll have a clear a plan in place for what’s needed to enhance your closet and make your life easier. With the plan in hand, you will have three different options to acquire any new essentials and trends for your closet:

  • We can shop together.
  • I can shop and take care of it all
  • Or, I can send you links for online shopping and you can make the final decisions and purchases.  

All of the shopping will be done within the budget you provide for me to follow and it can be done in stages.


The Style Book

Once we have assembled your ideal closet, I’ll put together up to 25 styles of your best looks. I’ll capture each outfit through photos and compile them into your very own Style Book.

The Style Book will be your fashion guide that you can use when you’re ready to dress.

Say goodbye to the endless hours of standing in front of your closet and asking yourself, “What should I wear?” With the Style Book, everything’s planned, detailed, and sorted by occasion or event.

Extra Services

Packing Assistance 

For you jetsetters, I’ve got the perfect offering for you! When traveling it is best to travel light but still looking your best. Let me plan your travel wardrobe and mix and match in an efficient way for business or leisure. The results? Fabulous outfits and lighter luggage and minimum pre-trip stress to enable you to focus on more important tasks and decisions at hand.

Having me pack for you will increase your time dealing with other decisions and enable you to respond and manage the more important tasks at-hand. What’s more, you’ll remove that pre-trip stress of deciding on what to pack and making sure you have it all.

Trisha Richard Travel Assistance

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